Y6 Spring 2018

Year 6 have been learning about Galileo, and how he used his new telescope to explore the universe. We also looked at images taken from NASA's Hubble telescope and used these as the inspiration to write our own poems about the wonders of the universe. We hope you enjoy listening to a few lines from our poems.

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http://schoolreadinglist.co.uk Visit the website for suggested reading lists for Years 3 – 6. The book lists contain a range of suitable titles for all abilities within different age groups. The website also contains links to nominated books for recognised literature awards which may help you to decide which book to read next!

http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ks2bitesize/english   The English area of the Bitesize website is packed with activities and questions.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/spellits/home_y6flash.shtml   Brush up on your spelling skills on this BBC spelling site.

https://gridclub.com   Fun games for all curriculum areas (Comma Castle and Radius of the Lost Ark are particularly good!).

http://www.topmarks.co.uk   An excellent website with learning games and resources for parents to help support learning at home.

http://www.ictgames.com   Maths and English games aimed at developing key skills. Beneficial for children with any gaps in their learning e.g. telling the time, calculating change, phonics.

http://primarygamesarena.com   Lots of games for most areas of the curriculum, clearly labelled with year group suitability.

http://games.e4education.co.uk   English, Maths, science and art games, categorised by key stage.

http://mathszone.co.uk   The best maths game from around the web.

http://www.primaryinteractive.co.uk   Simple but useful online games to help support learning maths, English and science.

http://www.crickweb.co.uk   Very useful games to support learning across different areas of the curriculum.

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