Below you will find direct links to the latest inspection reports concerning Downsbrook Primary School as published by Ofsted.
For further details please navigate to our details page on the Ofsted website by following this link: "Ofsted - Downsbrook Primary" 

Inspection date
First publication date
26 Sep 2017
6 Nov 2017
27 Sep 2016
17 Oct 2016
10 Mar 2016
18 Apr 2016
8 Jul 2015
9 Sep 2015
4 Jul 2012
6 Sep 2012
17 Nov 2010
6 Dec 2010
25 Nov 2008
17 Dec 2008
4 Jun 2008
31 Jul 2008
20 Sep 2005
2 Nov 2005
28 Feb 2000
5 Jun 2000


About our inspection reports

We inspect providers across education, children’s services and further education and skills and tell you what we find in our inspection reports.

The type of inspection will determine such things as:

  • the number of inspectors
  • the length of the inspection
  • the amount of notice a provider gets
  • what happens during the inspection
  • the content of the inspection report.

A typical inspection has one or more inspectors visiting a provider to find out about them. The inspection will follow a framework and report on particular aspects of the provision.

After the inspection we tell you what we find out in our inspection reports. We publish these reports on our website, and in some cases the provider has to provide the report on request.

The content of a report will depend on the type of inspection. An inspection report will describe the provider, then go on to tell you about our inspection findings and judgements with the grades given by the inspector.

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